Kamis, 23 September 2010

Stay Alife

Hey you who are falling into a nerve
You who are hiding behind your fragile shield
Get out from your pressures
Show to the world about who really you are
Go run for the wideness
Spread your perspectives about how the real life is

The existence of this sorrow is only there for completing the temptation of your life
It's only there for verifying the limits of your weak and strong
It's reminds your faith towards to how real you are

Hey you, who are escape from the time
Go back from the every seconds of your past
'Cus past just let you still
'Cus past never brings you to nowhere but sealed

Jump out from that space
Knock the wall of your golden heart
Give the optimistic into your blurry mind
Let the universe whispered
Let the ONE whose own the authority of life work on HIS way
Let your spirit grow below the wisdom of your soul
And make your life even better from time to time
'Cus life is just too beautiful to be complicated 


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