Rabu, 09 Juli 2014



I was talking to the moon 
Just the other night, 
Telling him how much 
I admired his light; 

And then without warning, 
Much to my dismay, 
The moon got all teary-eyed 
And asked me to look away; 

He said I had no idea 
How lonely it gets up there, 
Watching lovers all over the world 
Every night of the year; 

But he quickly recovered 
And apologized in shame, 
I told him I understood, 
Loneliness was my middle name; 

We exchanged our stories 
Long into the night, 
Then the sun came up 
And the moon dimmed his light. 

But I knew we'd meet again, 
We share an emptiness, 
And we both hide it well 
Under the cover of darkness. 

Now we meet each night, 
The moon and I, 
He seems happier now 
From when I first saw him cry; 

When I look at the sky, 
He's the first thing I see, 
And when he looks down, 
I know he's looking at me. 

And so it goes 
Night after night, 
I give him my company, 
He gives me his light 

Lora Colon 

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