Rabu, 02 Juli 2014

O So Lonely

O So Lonely 

O So Lonely 
Are the days gone by. 
When others enter your life 
Then you push them by. 

O So Lonely 
When you were in control. 
To love them or leave them 
You were ever so bold. 

O So Lonely 
While you sit alone. 
No one is there 
To make your house a home. 

O So Lonely 
After all the hearts you break. 
Did you ever think it was you 
Who you'd really forsake? 

O So Lonely 
When life was just a dare. 
You didn't take time to love 
You didn't try to care. 

O So Lonely 
Have you learned the rule? 
That its not just about you 
But it does take two. 

O So Lonely 
Why sit and contemplate? 
While others enjoy life 
Its never too late. 

Cecelia Weir 

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